Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cardinals and Conclaves and Smoke, Oh my!

  I think of all these great things to write about and then when it comes time to actually put words down they all run away.  I suppose I could go with the news of the day.  New pope!  As a non-practicing Catholic, I still found myself caught up in all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the selection.    I had just gotten online today when I saw the CNN breaking news that there was white smoke at the Vatican, at that same moment, all the church bells in town began ringing.  It seemed like a very important moment so I turned on the TV and plopped down to see who would be taking the place as the new Holy See.  (I still have no idea exactly what that means.)
 Even though I haven't been to church in an embarrassing amount of time, I was still moved by the sight of all the people gathered in the square to meet their new spiritual leader.  People were so emotional and joyous it reminded me of all the good things that religion could be and should be no matter what your faith. I consider myself to have spirtual faith, but I think there is good to come from every religion and I try to take the good parts and apply them to my life.
 I personally was rooting for the Canadian, Cardinal Marc Ouellet.  Mostly because he is from Quebec which is 22 miles from where I live and I could practically envision the Popemobile driving down the highway.  I know that wouldn't happen but the thought that it maybe could, is just too awesome to ignore.  I don't know much about Pope Frances and I'm sure we will all be flooded with information over the next few days and weeks but the real test will come as he gets settled at the Vatican and begins his tenure (reign, appointment, not sure what to use).  The only thing that I want from our new pope is that he moves towards more inclusion in the church and to get away from all the controversy that it has had to endure in recent times.  Oh and if he could drive the popemobile in my neighborhood, that would be cool too.

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