Thursday, July 19, 2012

A pet's best friend

While getting in my car after work tonight, I saw a piece of paper on the ground.  Of course I'm not one to just walk by it with out being a snoop so I stopped and read it.  Someone had written, in big black marker, and I quote "Are you fucking insane to leave your pet in your car??  If you love them, leave them home!!".  I have no idea who wrote this or who it was written to, I'm assuming it was left on some person's windshield, but I have to say that I love the person that wrote it. 
Today wasn't as hot as it's been the last week or so, meaning, it wasn't in the 90's but it was still pretty warm and it drives me batshit crazy to see people leave their dogs in the car on a hot day.  So crazy that I want to put a brick through those people's windshields.  I haven't done this, yet, but seriously people, come on!  Pets depend on people to not be idiots with their lives.
Admittedly, I am an insane animal lover.  I once saw a kitten run across the street and I went home, grabbed cat food and treats and tried to rescue it and when I couldn't find it, I left enough food and treats to make all the cats in the neighborhood get indigestion.
Oops, getting off track, the point is, I think people should have to take a basic common sense test to own a pet.  When I read about abused animals, first I cry, then I get mad.  Why have a pet and then be horrible to it? I don't understand.  If anyone can explain it to me, I'd love to hear it.

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