Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Relaxation Staycation 2012

  So I have been MIA for a little while because I was on vacation.  More specifically, it was my "Relaxation Staycation 2012" and it was glorious. 
  I did very little around the house, I slept whenever I felt like it and there was even a day or two when I only ventured outside to take the dog out.  I think everyone should get a day if not a whole week to just laze around and enjoy the day.  Let your body tell you what it wants.  You want to nap, nap.  If you want to eat a bunch of ice cream and sing your favorite songs from Glee, go for it!  Do you want to dance around in your skivvies while your dog looks at you with something like pity, then go on with your bad self! (Disclaimer:  I may or may not have done some or all of these things myself)
  Coming back to work was an adventure in and of itself.  Apparently our whole system went down nationwide for three and a half days, which when everything you do is on the computer, is disastrous.  I was hoping to ease back into the swing of things but it's been more like being shoved in the deep end during a monsoon.  That seems a little ridiculous but it fits since that is how crazy it's been. 
  I'll keep motoring along, it's what I do, but I'll be daydreaming of my next vacation.  It feels like it can't come soon enough!

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