Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BEEF (ode to a best friend)

I figure it's about time to talk about a big part of my life, Gary or as I call him, Garrison.  Gary isn't my husband, he isn't even a relative of mine, but you might as well say we are family.  He's my best friend, my beef.  I know most people have close friends but they don't have a Beef!  There's no weirdness with my best friend being a guy, as people may expect,  he's my Gary and I wouldn't function right if he wasn't my best friend.  Some might even say that we share a brain, and, honestly, that might not be far from the truth! 
  Gary is the type of friend that won't judge me or be hard on me when I do something stupid, which happens a lot.  He can make me laugh full belly laughs by being utterly ridiculous with me.  Usually it's with something to do with Ewoks, unicorns or something totally inappropriate.  In fact, ridiculousness is the way we roll.
  Last fall Gary and I took a road trip to Philadelphia for our friend LB's wedding.  We were there for 4 days and you know how spending time with someone can usually drive you insane.  Wait, is that just me?  Anyway, that never happens with Gary, we spent the time drunk, shopping and laughing.  There was no drunk shopping though, that would be a terrible idea and end up with one of us buying a falcon or bedazzled car. Ok, ok the car would totally be something I would buy.  I'm always threatening to bedazzle random things and Gary has stopped me.
  When my mom had to have surgery for cancer, Gary offered to come to the hospital and sit with me even though the surgery was at the ass crack of dawn and made sure I let him know how she was doing as soon as I found out.
  Gary is the kind of friend that I can call any time day or night and say that I need him to drive to my house and take me to Guatemala and his only question would be who is picking up the coffee and what are we going to pig out on.   It's truly great to have a friend that will always be there for you and would give you a kidney if you needed it.  I try and be just as good of a friend to him and hopefully I don't do to bad of a job!

We all need a Gary in our lives and I'm lucky that he's mine!

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