Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Football Time!!

  I can't believe I haven't mentioned how excited I am that football is in full swing!  I am a football junkie, I live for it!  The team I bleed blue and red for is the New York Football Giants.  Granted, I live in New York, but this is not the reason for my undying love and devotion to the team. 
  Before I had geographical awareness, as a little wee one, I would spend most weekends with my grandparents.  The weekends were the best; cousins, aunts and uncles would all come over and we'd watch sports, eat an amazing grandma cooked meal and run around like little Tasmanian devils.  My love of football, baseball, basketball and even boxing was born of these weekends.  I of course had to root for the same teams as the family, otherwise I might have been disowned.  The one exception to this is baseball.  Let's just say, the Yankees are not my team of choice.
  Thus my love of the NY Giants was born and for some reason football is the sport I love the most.  I think it has something to do with the fact that they only have 16 games in which to prove their mettle.  Unlike the 873 games it seems that baseball and basketball have per season.  Also I love the physicality of the game, these guys really give blood, sweat and tears on the field. 
  I proudly manage not one but two fantasy football teams and do pretty well if I do say so myself.  I study stats and players and matchups with a fierce determination as if I were the coach leading the team onto the field.  My Sundays are spent watching as much football as possible with more then a little yelling at the TV as if I could will my team to just get that extra yard or even inch to move the chains.
  Obsessive? A tad, but it's what I love and I'll never give it up.  I'm just like my grandma yelling at players to do better and getting so mad when they don't listen and I can't imagine not doing it.  Frankly, being just like my grandma doesn't sound like a bad thing to me.  She was a pretty amazing lady. 
Go Big Blue!

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