Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall in upstate NY

  It's taken me a few days to recover from that close win the Giants (football Giants not baseball Giants) had on Sunday.  I swear these close games will be the death of me! That RG3 is a beast!
  So Fall is in full swing for the next month or so then we plunge right into winter for the next 5 or so months.  It may seem as though I'm exaggerating, but I remember many a Halloween of trick or treating in a snow suit and many a soccer game being played after the field was shoveled off.  I also remember a few stray snowstorms in mid-April.  Winter comes hard in upstate New York, so I'll enjoy Fall while it's here. 
  There are two things about Fall that I am not a fan of.  The first is that my nose runs like it's off switch is broken.  I have a buttload (technical term) of allergies.  My allergist once joked about putting me in a bubble and I cried.  Not cool Dr. G, not cool.  Fall and Spring are the times when my allergies go into super mode and the sneezing, coughing and non-stop nose are a constant.  I feel bad for people that have to listen to my hacking and wheezing.  I'm used to it so I'm unfazed mostly except the nose part.  Fortunately Spring and Fall are also the shortest seasons here so I have that going for me. 
  The second thing about Fall, is that the deer are in rut.  Basically, there are a bunch of horny deer all running around like maniacs.  Anybody that knows me knows that this is a bad situation for me.  I've never hit a deer, unlike my friend J who hit two (two!) in a week, but the thought that I could takes my paranoid driving to a whole other level.  Yep, I'm that slow a-hole that will not go above the speed limit under the most perfect conditions but when you throw horny animals running around on roads into the mix, I'm practically Mr. Magoo or whoever drives really slow, I think he just drove badly because he was blind, but you get where I'm going with it.
  Fall, I love you with your pretty colors, cooler weather, apple cider, pies, cute pumpkins and Halloween stuff, but at this point I'm sorta looking forward to Winter.  Well, at least until that first foot of snow that I have to shovel out of!

*Programming note:
Yay!  I'm super excited that there is a new PLL (Pretty Little Liars) on tonight!  It already aired but I'm still at work, obviously being very productive so I have to wait until I get home to satisfy my teen murder mystery craving.  The husband already has it all ready for me, he's a closet fan of the show too!  Tonight shall be a great night!

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