Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And the streak continues!

Once again I have yelled at poor little innocent animals, but I think one of them was evil this time.  I should explain...
  So Monday night I was driving home, taking a different way then usual so that I could go slower since it was rain/snowing and driving in that crap is my own personal nightmare, when I see two deer on the side of the road.  One is busy munching away on grass or hay or whatever they eat but the other one, oh the other one, she is eyeing my car so I yell at her "You stupid, STUPID deer!!!!  Don't even THINK about it"  Her response?  She cocked her ear at me as if to say "You wanna dance, bring it on, I'll wreck your shit" and she eyeballed me as I crept by at about 3 miles an hour and driving in the middle of the road.  I did not want to dance, so I continued on my way, cursing stupid deer under my breath for the next 10 miles or so.

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