Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14th

  I don't know what to say about the shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut.  These tragedies happen way to often but this one, right before Christmas, this one, at an elementary school, this one that took the lives of so many innocent young children.  This one hurts the worst. 
    I'm also angry, I'm angry at the coward that did this and then took his own life so that he won't ever have to see the unimaginable grief in the faces of family members and loved ones that lost those dear to them.  He won't have to answer for his actions, won't give an explanation, no, he chose a coward's way out which I suppose is fitting, because what kind of human being could do something so disgustingly horrible, only the worst kind of sick, weak coward.  That is all I will ever say about that lowlife.
  The brave ones are the teachers and other school employees.  My mother, cousin, aunt and grandmother have all been or are teachers and I know that the teachers at the school did everything in their power to protect those children.  They are truly brave and they deserve our love and support.
 I cannot imagine how the families affected by this are going to cope not only over the next few weeks, but every year when December 14th comes closer on the calendar. 

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